Inga Diakonidze

Trainer's Details


  • ➢ Level – 5 Qualification in British TESOL awarded by OCN West Midland, A Government-regulated awarding body. UK
  • ➢ Doctor of Philological Sciences
  • ➢ Paremy and its forms (On English, Georgian and Russian materials).
  • ➢ Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia

English Language Teaching Experiences International Level

  • ➢ Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Hungary - Erasmus+ exchange Professor at Inholland University
  • ➢ Courses delivered abroad in English Language:
  • ➢ Netherlands – Georgia, cultural Identity, EU integration (Erasmus+mobilility project K107 (Netherlands, Inholland University of Applied Sciences);
  • ➢ Hungary – University of Pecs – English for Law
  • ➢ Germany - Intercultural Business Communication
  • ➢ Czech Republic & Lietuva: Have delivered Language training and methodological courses for English language centres
  • ➢ Academic Writing and Communication Skills for International program of Management, Kutaisi International University (bachelor level)

English Language Teaching Experiences National Level

  • ➢ Associate Professor (linguistics) at Open University, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • ➢ Invited Professor at Sulkan Saba Orbeliani University, Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • ➢ Teacher trainer at Imperial English Academy, GTUNI, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • ➢ Exchange Professor at Inholland University of Applied Sciences,
  • ➢ Netherlands
  • ➢ Teacher Trainer, training American Teachers within the program ‘Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG)’, initiated by Georgian Government to recruit native language speakers to teach in public schools in Georgia.
  • ➢ Professor at Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University
  • ➢ Professor at Tbilisi State University of Economic Relations
  • ➢ English Language and Culture program leader, Professor at Takaishvili University of Culture and Art
  • ➢ English Language Teacher at ESM
  • ➢ English Language Teacher at Kutaisi Technical University
  • ➢ Imperial English Academy, UK, International Mater Teacher Trainer
  • ➢ National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement, authorization and accreditation expert
  • ➢ Marker of English language exam at Unified National Exams (NAEC).
  • ➢ Head of English Language Centre, Full Professor, Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University, Tbilisi
  • ➢ Head of International Relations Department of GTUNI
  • ➢ Head of International Relations and Innovations Department of Tbilisi State University of Economic Relations
  • ➢ English Language and Culture program leader, Professor at Takaishvili University of Culture and Art

Certificates and Extra Qualifications

  • ➢ PLA session on the topic: Internationalization of Higher Educational Institutions (National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement)
  • ➢ TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages) International certificate
  • ➢ TESOL CPD training, (Imperial English Academy), UK.
  • ➢ External Quality Assurance in Emergency Situations (European University Association). November 10-13, 2020.
  • ➢ Flexible higher education: implications for QA”, (European University Association). November 9, 2020.
  • ➢ Elsevier webinar on ‘Strengthening Research Capabilities Remotely’. June 25, 2020.
  • ➢ Scopus Webinar: Participation in panel discussion on the reward system for researchers – July 2, 2020
  • ➢ Elsevier webinar: Open science and the reward system: how can they be aligned? July 3, 2020

Inga Diakonidze